FIWG Meeting, 2018-Sep-26

The first meeting of the FIWG will be Wednesday, 26 September, at 1100 AM Eastern time. To attend the meeting, first ensure you have signed the participation list below. Then use the following info to join the meeting:

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Audio Numbers: 1-240-454-0879 USA Toll / 1-844-740-1264 USA Toll Free

Meeting Number/Access Code: 922 362 615

Meeting Password: zKMvsnfs

  1. Review of charter and purpose
  2. Selection of chair and vice-chair
  3. Minutes process
  4. Mailers and records
  5. Review of current infrastructure pieces
  6. Next steps:
    • Problem areas
    • Priorities

(Minutes provided by Ben Wilson)

Present: Ben, Daymion, Dimitris, Jos, Tim, Wayne

Preliminary Matters

We reviewed charter and processes.

Jos was nominated and elected as chair. Daymion was nominated and elected as vice chair.

Note taking will rotate alphabetically by first name of persons present. (See above)

We’ll need a mail list – “Infrastructure” was adopted as the name for it. It will be a public list.

Business Items

Daymion reviewed what we’re using now for the web site (Wordpress), wiki and email. Systems are hosted on a single node, and they are starting to age and will need to be replaced mid-year next year. No resources have been allocated for this. Systems are being backed up. Primary updates on systems are regularly run. Wordpress is done by us. Mailman hasn’t been updated for a couple of years. Currently access for maintenance of our systems is internal to Godaddy only. Migration would have to be to a cloud service if we’re going to make administration more the responsibility of the Forum.

We need to update the wiki software. Ben would like to disable automatic camelCase links. We might want to look into changing the authentication mechanism – enrollment is done by the administrator and passwords are sent by the system.

Charter is to make recommendations to the Forum regarding the free options and the paid options.

At our next meeting, could we discuss wiki options? Could everyone do this research as homework? Ben will contact Atlassian about the possibility of a free cloud account. Dimitris recommended Wikimedia. Jos mentioned Docuwiki, which he’ll look at before our next meeting. Dimitris was asked to look at moving from MoinMoin to Wikimedia. Could we segment these wiki systems into working group access? These systems generally have flat authentication systems. Sharepoint is another option that allows segregation of “sites” by working group. Jos will contact Mike.

The Bylaws require that the Chair appoint a webmaster. Where has this been documented? We need to document this somewhere. The WG charter only says that the persons in the roles are officially members of the WG. As the person in charge of answering questions, Dean is an automatic member of this WG.

We are required to post certain items to the website. There does not appear to be a deadline for when the posts have to take place. We might need to take a look at updating this area of the Bylaws. (The scope of the WG has been limited to avoid conflicts with the scope of other WGs.) Responsibilities have not been delegated to specific people. Let’s review the Bylaws and see whether WG Chairs should be responsible for getting things posted to the website.

Dimitris noted that we have limited human resources to do all of this work. The current model doesn’t scale. Future charters of WGs should address this issue of posting to the website. Wayne said that this WG’s role is to provide the resources and make sure the tools are available for them to publish work product. Jos noted that there is little guidance for WGs on what to do. If we have a segment of the website for the SCWG, then all content in that segment would be the responsibility of the WG.

Jos said we need to restructure the home page. Dimitris said we had a discussion at the last F2F about the structure of the website and create wire frames. Ben said that we should do quick changes to the website. Jos suggested that we clone the site and present a proposed revision to the Forum. Tim suggested that we start with small segments of the site that are valuable and should be maintained and move out from there. Tim will take a look at it, but he won’t have a recommendation before the F2F meeting in Shanghai. Dimitris noted that Ryan Hurst suggested that some documents could just be maintained on Github. Jos said that we could have WGs maintain content on Github. Wayne said that we need to distinguish between document management and website content.

Content management and document maintenance is another topic that we’ll need to cover at the next meeting, as well as wiki solutions.

We will discuss the scheduling of our next meeting over email.

Meeting adjourned.

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