FIWG Meeting, 2019-Jan-09

Present: Jos, Daymion, Dimitris, Wayne

1. Document Management

Reviewed the redline-generation-in-GitHub instructions posted by Wayne. General approvement of the instructions; Wayne will publish these to the general mailing list as an example and ask for feedback. Further discussions of document management specifics moved to the backlog for future discussions in order to address other pending issues.

2. Website and Mailer Management

The test website running the new Wordpress code in the managed GoDaddy infrastructure is now live at a temporary URL; Daymion is working on securing as the permanent location for this test site. Daymion currently has two accounts present on that test site: a Wordpress management account, and an SFTP account for uploading content to the system. Wordpress accounts will be created for all of the FIWG membership, and the SFTP account will remain single as it's just used for bulk uploads to the back-end system. The whole system (production as well as test) is being migrated to GoDaddy's new managed WP infrastructure. This means it no longer has to be hosted on a managed server, and will receive regular updates from centralized management, reducing admin overhead. That reduces one service currently being hosted on the Forum's dedicated hardware server managed by Daymion and Travis. A 100% full snapshot of the current production website will be moved to a managed WP site, allowing all the current updates to be posted to the new infrastructure without workflow changes. From that point, significant changes to the layout and page connections can be tested in the test server before being a “one-button-push” upload to the production site. Once the production site is in place, Daymion will work on pointing the DNS to the new site, and then will use .htaccess files to redirect access back to the old server for the wiki. He'll then work on migrating the wiki to its own server name (i.e. '' instead of '') to make the redirection easier.

Mailer Management

Question was raised about whether this would need to migrate to a new server or to an AWS instance. It can't remain where it is, as the current server hardware is long out of support and needs to be decommissioned; GoDaddy doesn't yet have a new hardware server or virtual instance to move any of this to. Dimitris suggested talking with Trevoli at Amazon and Ryan Hurst at Google about the possibility of having a Forum space created in their virtualized cloud infrastructure for hosting the various Forum services that require an actual server (such as the mailers and archives). The group suggested including Gordon at Microsoft in that request as well, in case space could be procured in Azure.

Wayne raised the question of DKIM reputation, and pointed out that wherever this lands needs a dedicated IP address to support DKIM and avoid any anti-spam blacklists. Daymion pointed out that this makes hosting it in GoDaddy's services difficult, as much of their IP space has been blacklisted due to past misuse by spammers, and it would be difficult to ensure we didn't wind up on a blacklisted IP.

The group discussed the scripts needed to add and manage mailer members. Daymion and Travis aren't currently working on these, but Dimitris can continue the work on this using Travis's scripts as a starter.

3. Wiki Management

Dimitris raised Bitnami as an additional candidate for wiki management, as they offer containerized wiki instances that would be easier to manage on an ongoing basis.

After some discussion of features in general, the group felt progress was more important than exact feature comparisons, and opted to start with a wiki instance that several of the team were familiar with. The group selected Dokuwiki at the suggestion of Jos and Dimitris. Jos will work on standing up a sample Dokuwiki instance for the team to review and look at importing information from Moinmoin, while Dimitris will work on including this in his request for cloud hosting infrastructure from Amazon/Google/Microsoft (see above).

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