FIWG Meeting, 2019-Feb-20

Present: Ben W., Jos P., Tim H., Wayne T.

Jos read the antitrust statement.

Minutes of last meeting (6-Feb-2019) were approved.

Wiki Discussion: We don’t have updates from Amazon or Google on hosting. If we need to move the wiki before other arrangements can be made, Cisco can provide hosting. DocuWiki – Wayne and Ben said they thought it looked better than what we have now. We’ll need help from Daymion on migrating content over and DNS settings and user account settings. We’ll start with the spreadsheet of representatives to populate the user list. Ben offered to help with the user migration. We’ll save an archive of the MoinMoin wiki content in case there is any question about who wrote what on the wiki pages. Prior to migration, we’ll need to set a freeze date and communicate that to members.

Working Groups: In the future with new WGs, we’ll need to get them to post minutes and manage WordPress and wiki spaces. WG Chairs will be members of this committee. WGs need to appoint webmasters, too. The Forum Chair should also appoint a webmaster.

Working Group vs. Forum Subcommittee for this Group: Once the new bylaws pass, does this group remain a WG or should it be a Forum Subcommittee? There was general agreement that this WG should probably remain a WG so as to minimize additional work.

Document management: No updates.

No new business.

Meeting adjourned.

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