Meeting 9

  1. Reading of the Anti-Trust Statement
  2. Approval of the Minutes
  3. Wiki Management and Migration
  4. Website Management
  5. Document Management
    1. Automation changes and maintenance
    2. Markdown modifications and content changes

Present: Ben, Daymion, Dimitris, Jos, Ryan

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved

Wiki Management and Migration

Compute resources:

  • no news for compute. Jos will contact Dave Blunt from Amazon. If Jos doesn't hear back, he will spin up new VMs and we can transfer them on another AWS account if we get more compute from Amazon.

Migration of the wiki:

  • migration must happen next week
  • no edits to the wiki during the migration week
  • switch the wiki to read-only
  • heads up to Members that this will happen

Website Management

Transition of the mailman

  • reduce TTL to assist with the DNS caching issues
  • Add a second MX and make sure there is no split-brain situation
  • Very critical to maintain integrity of the archives of the lists
  • No voting during the transition of mailman
  • Schedule a separate call to coordinate the plan to transfer mailman

Document Management

  • Jos did some experimentation using pandoc to fix issues like ToC and page numbers and created a new html, docx and pdf. The results are very close to the expectations documented so far and recommended we switch to pandoc in the main cabforum/documents repo.
  • Ryan recommended we add the pandoc artifacts in addition to the existing weasy-print ones. He can assist with updating the Makefile, docker file, Travis image and other files. Jos will send dependencies to Ryan for pandoc.
  • Dimitris mentioned that there might be conflicts for special directives known only to kramdown and only to pandoc. Jos said that table syntax is a little different and had to do some updates. He doesn't know how these will be processed by kramdown.
  • specific directives may look different between weasy-print and pandoc, for example the TOC directove. We would need to remove these specific kramdown directives and script around it.
  • These deltas between the cabforum/documents master branch and Jos' branch will need to be introduced in the master branch of the cabforum/documents repo. If these are only editorial/formatting changes, perhaps we can introduce them without a ballot.
  • Dimitris noted that if we automatically convert a ballot redline into a pull-request against the master branch, we need to make sure that the ballot proposer includes changes in tables of section 1. It would make more sense to allow for editorial commits by the Chair but only related to tables of section 1 and the version numbers.
  • The master branch already has been configured for 4-eye principle which means that direct commits to master are not allowed. Each change must be reviewed by at least another admin before merging to master.
  • For the editorial changes, perhaps we could wait for 3 days before merging editorial changes and inform the membership. Any member that wants to get instant notifications could create an account on GitHub and star the repo.


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