Forum Infrastructure Working Group meeting at CABF F2F 46

Notetaker: Chris K.

Noted participants: Jos, Dimitris (DZ), Rich Smith, Wayne Thayer, Ben Wilson, Ryan Sleevi, Curt Spann

Jos takes the floor. Call to order. Approval of minutes tabled for the next meeting since the draft minutes have not been posted yet.

Items for consideration:

1) WIKI MIGRATION - Jos: test has been up, testing of migration = next phase (wiki to test server) planned (later: Damien notes )

Q abt infrastructure for wiki - which organization can supply hosting: open question. Amazon requests info re: requirements.


- Request for demo of GitHub for ballot creation - Jos offers to run a Git 101 session Thursday, Wayne notes that workflow/redline demos scheduled for Wed. - Q from Rich Smith: do we guarantee consistency in redlining? Wayne: q he THOUGHT he was going to recv - how to harmonize redline and ballot language, suggests changing bylaws to allow for the GH redline itself to be the item voted upon. Jos Q: any additional formal process needed for GH correction in course of voting/discussion? DZ: discussion needed to ensure GH canonical version acceptable. Ben: notes that a batch for minor language error correction circulation may be required. Jos: suggests that the GH/markdown version is canonical, batching for a vote to update via ballot.

(Further discussion of migration ensues, including testing migration as poss. Thursday topic for hackathon.)

DZ: Remote participant notes that F2F infrastructure requires use of microphone.

Jos yields time back to chair.

DZ: Notes the issue of re-reading bylaws can be difficult given multiple WGs

Sleevi: Charter/structure of WG vs subcommittees discussed, notes that WGs include specific companies w/specific surrender of IP rights.

Jos/DZ/Sleevi: discuss that Infrastructure WG could convert to a subcommittee w/IP commitment under plenary? when/if/as bylaws modified to allow for this.

Ben: sign-in sheet?

Jos: notes that this is a good question going forward, as nature of CABF F2F sessions has changed from Ye Olde Dayes.

Jos shall append companies/representatives

Tim: notes that repeating questions helps remote participants, and WG IP acceptance

DZ: legal opinion was rendered that antitrust statement needed for each WG, but would welcome another opinion

Sleevi: Google believes that antitrust statements important for each WG (as sep. meeting)

Ben: Possibly streamlined/abbreviated method of accepting anti-trust statements?

Sleevi: IETF Notewell as a method/model of streamlining similar requirements

Jos: Notes that growth process will lead to more issues/questions/methods which will evolve to meet needs.

Curt: do we need separate WebEx sessions for each WG? (Asking as host, quite likely.)

Jos: quite likely, for discussion - but then:

Sleevi: logistical provisioning is extension of physical space, but should be considered. Nothing in bylaws *prohibits* chair from inviting non-WG members to “observe” any WG session.

Jos: Suggests noting in bylaws: F2F and remote participants operate under identical constraints

Sleevi: doesn't believe WebEx starting/stopping required, photo policy suggests that remote participants distinguish themselves

DZ/Jos notes that CS WG will lead to even more issues/questions.

Jos also notes that CABF general questions list best solution - DZ notes per bylaws, incoming questions should be distributed to chair of appropriate WG for resolution

Jos: mailing list titles note - WG vs WG-MGMT(?)

Tim: bylaws only allow for acceptance of questions by the forum as a whole, proly best to amend bylaws to allow (for instance) CS WG questions to be forwarded/declared to move to the CS WG for action (to allow IP questions to be best directed).

Jos: adjourns mtg at 10:06

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