Wiki OSS/Commercial Cost Requirements Notes
Atlassian Confluence Server Commercial $5100 MySQL/PGSQL/Oracle DB May be able to negotiate donated license?
Dokuwiki Open-source $0 PHP 5.6+
Mediawiki Open-source $0 PHP 7+ & MySQL/PGSQL DB ACL for user/group available? Support for converting Moin moin to MediaWiki another convert script moin moin to MediaWiki
Xwiki Server Open-source $0 Java 8 & MySQL/PGSQL DB
Bookstack Open-source $0 PHP 7 & MySQL DB
Wiki OSS/Commercial Cost Notes
Atlassian Confluence Cloud Commercial $5/user/month
Microsoft Sharepoint Commercial $5/user/month
Xwiki Hosted Open-source €2/user/month
Bookstack Confluence Dokuwiki Mediawiki Sharepoint Xwiki
Auto Table of contents
Page links w/manual link name[0]
Hyperlinks to other pages
Table header row/column
Line breaks in cells
Nested numbering[1]
Document attachments
Attachment Listing
Attachment links inside pages
Versioning of attachments
Plain-text font for word/block[2]
Page versions/history
Version diffs
Reversion to previous versions
GUI/Visual editing
Text-mode editing
Markdown page language
Per-user authentication[3]
Full content restriction[4]
Wide browser support[5]
Separate wiki spaces
Granular wiki space rights[6]
Wiki space rights inheritable[7]
User groups
User self-management of profiles[8]
Polling capability
In-page attachment content[9]
Page export to other formats (DOCX,PDF)
Calendar capability

[0] For example link|title would just show 'title' in the document

[1] For example, 1 a/b/c, 2 a/b/c

[2] That is, can make one word monospaced or include a block of plain-text information like code

[3] That is, no shared accounts required

[4] That is, none of the wiki is viewable without authentication

[5] At least Edge/Firefox/Chrome/Safari

[6] Ability to easily create sub-spaces on the wiki that have their own permissions, to support Working Group segregation

[7] Ability to create a space, and then have sub-spaces under it inherit the same permissions (so we don't have to manage things page-by-page)

[8] That is, users can self-provision or at least change their own passwords and update their own profiles

[9] Option to not just link an attachment in the page, but also optionally show the contents of something like a document or spreadsheet in the page content

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